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My art isolates and brings the normalcy of cultural dehumanization and fragmentation to the forefront of perception by using the art gallery as an arena. I use the hierarchy of art space to open the audience to a “dis-illusionment” of assumed paradigms. I play with material specificity, re-contextualizing art space as an active medium in a role reversal of art and gallery that reveals and conceals at the same time.


Compassion is the answer to disillusionment. I look at the weak, the ignorant, and the old to understand my relationship with family and society. I explore what people value and what we will relinquish to feel secure in our convictions. My art explores the importance of memory and experience in determining identity. I am interested in the consequences of human vulnerability as it relates to an individual’s performance of identity based in reality. It is compassion for others that connects us to our humanity.


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