Art Theory Criticism History Motion Stasis


"I could see every muscle..." (From a popular fitness men's magazine.)

Recontextualized language, Copyright, 2011

Recontexualized with a male figure. Copyright, 2011

I’m experimenting with decontextualization to explore how to become an active participant in the way information is presented. This is inspired by Barbara Kruger, but is applied universally to both men and women. The genders of the figures in the recontextualized images is identifiable, but the identities are incomplete allowing the viewer to place himself or herself, or even another person into the role. The text stays the same, but participation in it changes from each image.

Barbara Kruger 1982 Untitled (You are not Yourself) Black and White Photograph

Barbara Kruger, No Progress in Pleasure New York: CEPA, 1982


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