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Homosapien sapien

There is only one kind of people in the world. There is no black. There is no white. There is red. There is no brown or yellow. There are no men and there are no women. There is only homosapien sapien. Many of my colleagues and classmates are seduced by trans-humanist topics and images of cyborgs, and demons. Often I see or hear of themes in art involving the Seven Deadly sins, like it’s cool or trendy to portray them. What could be more cool than championing society and culture rather than tearing it down? Greek philosophers were the sources early in my culture that spoke of temperance, wisdom, justice, and courage. Christian philosophers were some of the sources that spoke of faith, hope, and charity. These are the qualities that built an entire civilization. Aren’t these ideas more exciting and cooler than “sins?”

In the following video clip, humanity is defended on the argument that I and you are human and must defend  our humanity against people who would deny it of us. The main event start 2:50 into the clip. I think the monologue by the host would be an excellent background to an artistic montage of views of humanity, weak and strong.


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