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Free Speech

There is a wide gap in the understanding of what constitutes free speech and expression and how it must be protected. One’s freedom of expression depends on what he or she will stand up for or give away. Inspired by the work of Mark Dice, this film takes an artistic look at the importance of First Amendment to the Constitution.

In this project I did something I enjoyed, that is going out and meeting (read: bothering?) people and understanding what they believe. There’s a performative aspect to art that the is very appealing to me. Artist Joe Batt  told me many years ago that performance is an important part of his expression as an artist. He exercised that part of his art by performing in the band, Stand Up Stella, and briefly with me in Kings of the Picnic.

Artist: Joe Batt

Title: Playing Catch in the Dark

Series Title: Hares Series

Artist: Joe Batt

Date: 2008

Height: 12 | Width: 8 | Depth: 17


Title: Waiting

Series Title: Hares Series

Artist: Joe Batt

Date: 2007

Height: 12. | Width: 12 | Depth: 17


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