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Bad Digital Art

By Centaura


Artist Comments:

“This is a commision of Centaura’s cyborg character Vance Yarehasu fighting a killer robot. WIP. As you can see, there is now a complete killer robot… firing a laser in the general direction of a floating torso.
Vance is fighting his combat simulation robot Testbot. Contrary to popular belief, his hair is not a wig to replace the synthetic plastic polymer he got in the future to replace his real hair. It’s all natural, baby. Because, evidently he didn’t get the futuristic polymers in the first place, which is what happens when you time travel.

All copyrights to the cyborg belong to Centaura. Only she may freely copy, use, profit from, or otherwise reuse this work. If you want to use this picture for any reason at all you MUST get her permission. Centaura is at [link]

“Don’t blame the tools blame the carpenter,” isn’t that the saying. This artist can do more with a computer than me, but looks like Centaura’s training is pretty weak when it comes to figure work. This is a good reminder for me of why I’m paying out the big money to study art.


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  1. I’m going to look every day before I do my sit-ups, just to remind myself what I’m working towards: football laces on my stomach.

    Comment by visitingfriends | February 8, 2010 | Reply

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