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Wireless Hazard?

  • “People are being subjected to “electromagnetic smog” invisibly spread by wireless routers, portable phones, and other devices, he said. Just a two-minute conversation on a cell phone causes the blood-brain barrier to open, making one susceptible to neuron damage that might lead to Alzheimer’s, and “instant aging,” he warned. The kids of today who are using cell phones may be unable to mentally function by the time they are 30, he added.”

This interview on the syndicated radio program, Coast-to-Coast, featured a guest who argued that constant exposure to wireless technology like cell phones and wireless computers breakdown the blood-brain barrier, increasing the risk for stroke over time. This theory is supported by studies of exposure in rats, efforts in Europe and Israel to limit wireless exposure to children, and according to the guest, suppression of industry research on wireless exposure.  Guest, William Thomas, compared the cell-phone industry’s approach to scientific studies to be similar to the tobacco industry in hiding the danger.


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